Sunday, 24 August 2014


Looking at the empty clouds
Laying lazily on the bed of hay.
Yellow ball playing games with blue
Am overwhelmed "Oh! What a day !"

Attacked by sudden soft shower
Saved from drizzle by dense foliage.
A droplet scatters a mini rainbow
Leaving me in a state of amaze.

Chirping of birds in rhythm unparalleled
Wondering any better is a composer.
The crackling of geese seems music
An existing invisible world seems closer.

The red ladybird on her green mat
Rests like she has her day off.
Feeling jealous of tiny creatures
Jealous of lazy grasshopper enjoying hop.

I feel like writing, pick up my pen
Wanting to capture every detail with haste.
But I put it down with smile on my face.
My day off, today nature's at its best.

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