Tuesday, 4 November 2014


The white clouds veil the sun
Hiding us from his sight.
The misty minty soothing breeze
Making me feel so light.

Lying on the green cushion
With your heart as my pillow.
Watching clouds shifting shapes
Mimicking earth's creatures below.

You listen to my childish talks
Listen to my maiden silence.
I wonder how you read my eyes
Make me lose all my sense.

Your cold touch burns my skin
As if you can touch my soul.
A bond that binds our hearts together
Makes me love you more and more.


I walked across the patio
He popped out of nowhere.
Took in arms, looked into eyes
Whispered "You look gorgeous in red".

I blushed with fluttering eyelashes
Noticed red lips in the glass pane.
There were red orchids hanging
Red whimsy roses filling my den.

I rushed to the swing
Red wild flowers sprouted around.
I lied on the cool dewdrops
Struggling to keep my feet on ground.

I crossed the street,waited for a cab
Saw bus passing painted plain red.
Thought of taking walk instead
In red , most were clad.

Even the smallest detail in crimson
Started catching my glimpse.
And I laughed at my stupidity
A compliment can change me like this.

Feeling merry, I started skipping steps
Must be losing my sanity, I dread.
In color of love, in color of dare
"Oh darling! You made my world go red."