Tuesday, 4 November 2014


I walked across the patio
He popped out of nowhere.
Took in arms, looked into eyes
Whispered "You look gorgeous in red".

I blushed with fluttering eyelashes
Noticed red lips in the glass pane.
There were red orchids hanging
Red whimsy roses filling my den.

I rushed to the swing
Red wild flowers sprouted around.
I lied on the cool dewdrops
Struggling to keep my feet on ground.

I crossed the street,waited for a cab
Saw bus passing painted plain red.
Thought of taking walk instead
In red , most were clad.

Even the smallest detail in crimson
Started catching my glimpse.
And I laughed at my stupidity
A compliment can change me like this.

Feeling merry, I started skipping steps
Must be losing my sanity, I dread.
In color of love, in color of dare
"Oh darling! You made my world go red."

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